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Welcome Kimberly Murry to the Threshold Team!

We are excited to announce a new addition to the Threshold team!

Kimberly Murry has stepped into the role of Church Administrator, and this past Sunday we prayed over her and commissioned her into this role. She will be taking on the tasks related to communication, organization, event planning, and other administrative responsibilities.

Kimberly, her husband Nate, and their son Kayden have been attending Threshold for almost a year. Make sure to welcome her to the Threshold team!


Other Staff Role Changes

In addition to adding Kimberly to the team, we want to bring clarity to some of the recent role changes within our staff.

Helen Doolittle: Helen will not be functioning in the administrative assistant role any longer, but will now be focusing exclusively on leading our kids ministry as our Kids Ministry Director.

Jenn Nestler: Jenn is continuing on staff at Threshold, but her role will be shifting into more of a personal assistant to Pastor Jake in the building of an apostolic hub (rather than church-wide administrator).




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