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Our Vision

Our vision is to build an apostolic hub that includes a local congregation. Some distinctives include:

  • God-focused and revival-minded
  • Holy Spirit filled and led
  • Regional in influence and focus
  • Input from all of the five-fold ministry gifts

Primary Areas of Focus

  1. House of Prayer (Matthew 21:13): We believe that the first call of the church is to be a house of prayer. We will continue to build a thriving prayer life in the church, so that God will dwell among us and move through us.
    • We will have a prayer gathering every day of the week
  2. Center for Healing and Restoration (Isaiah 61:1-4): A regional hub for deliverance and various types healing (physical, emotional, etc.) There will be a special emphasis on:
    • Deliverance from demonic influence
    • Standing with and ministering to victims of different types of abuse
  3. Base for Equipping (Ephesians 4:11-12): A center for equipping in spiritual growth, practical life, supernatural ministry, leadership, relationships, and other topics. This includes:
    • Hosting events and conferences
    • Producing equipping resources
    • Discipleship process, leadership training, ministry school
  4. Place of Sending (Matthew 28:18-20): We will not only equip, but also send:
    • Sending people into the various spheres of society to advance the kingdom of God
    • Sending people for evangelism, missions, church-planting, ministries, etc.

Vision Messages

The following messages will help bring more understanding to our vision:


Threshold Church exists to love and worship God and to advance His Kingdom through the power of the Holy Spirit. Come Join us on Sundays at 5 PM