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True Prayer

The following is a teaching article by Chris Kauffman:

Firstly, I (clearly) don’t claim to always pray this way, but this is how the New Covenant articulates how to receive what we pray for:

1) In the Name of Jesus: It’s more than adding the word “Jesus” at the end of the prayer. It’s praying according to His nature. It’s basing our prayer on the reality of who Jesus truly is and what He has done. This idea goes hand in hand with…

2) According to the Father’s will: We should be fully convinced in our heart that what we are asking for IS God’s will, because we intimately know God’s character. We truly realize that God is the One who deeply desires to fulfill our request because it’s from His heart!

3) In complete faith with absolutely no doubt in our hearts: This is the work of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Faith in us. Faithfulness is HIS fruit, not human fruit. When we walk with Him, we manifest His fruit of faithfulness. When we pray in child-like dependence on Him, He brings forth his faith from our united spirit into our mind and heart to speak from our mouth. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks!

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all active in complete harmony when we pray according to God’s perfect design! We aren’t condemned when we don’t receive the answer to our prayer, because we are growing into this place of more pure relationship with the Trinity.

However, we should know that there is a place of relationship where we abide so deeply and truly in the fullness of God that we do have whatever we ask.

This is where we are going!

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