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The Love Your Neighbor Challenge Starts Tomorrow!

Our associate pastor, Jeremy Eshleman, has organized the Love Your Neighbor Challenge and tomorrow is the first day! The circumstances around us have changed, but that doesn’t mean we can move the mission of God to the back burner.

Let’s use creative ways to be a blessing to others during this time. Below is an outline that you can use for the next four days. You can also use these ideas as a spring board for other ways to love people. Be intentional and also led by the Holy Spirit!

Day 1, Saturday: Pray

Commit to praying for at least 15 minutes for your “neighbor.” This could be a coworker, family member, or the person that lives next door. You might want to pray for one person or for many. Ask God for specific people to lift up in prayer!

Day 2, Sunday: Pray, Speak

Commit to praying as you did on day 1, but now let’s use our voices to love our neighbor. Call someone that you know could use prayer or encouragement. Get in contact with that person who is not standing on the Rock of Christ in these unsettling times. Let God touch someone else through your words!

Day 3, Monday: Pray, Speak, Act

Continue to pray and speak up before you start the new challenge to act. Let the Holy Spirit highlight someone who needs to be blessed this day! It might be sending a meal or a gift card for groceries or gas. It might be cooking a meal or cookies for your neighbor and dropping them off. It could be flowers and a card delivered to someone struggling this season. Get creative with your Creator as you put His love into action on Day 3!

Day 4, Tuesday: Pray, Speak, Act & Bless

After repeating the challenges from days one through three, open some time individually or as a family to ask God how you can be a greater blessing to your neighborhood. Unless God says otherwise, let this day be about blessing those you don’t know. Give financially to a local ministry. Volunteer to prepare food at Water Street Rescue Mission. Sign up to give blood as it is in high demand today all around the nation. Think of ways to bless the medical community of our region with supplies or donations. We want you to get creative but Threshold will also be sending out ways you can get involved on day 4.

Let’s not shrink back at this time, but have faith and perseverance in our souls. The way we love our neighbor might look different in this season, but we are still filled to love!

Keep us informed on the testimonies we expect to take place during this challenge and you can email Jeremy Eshleman with any questions at Jeremy@Threshold-Church.com.



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