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Testimony: Back and Spine Healed!

The following is a testimony from Kat Brady:

As long as I can remember I have had a prominent spine that would be easily bruised. Lately my lower back has been super sore when I would wake up in the morning or from standing too long. It was also getting more and more irritated as I sat in classes because of the chairs. I had diagnosed myself with the condition of Lordosis, which is an abnormal curvature of the lumbar vertebrae.

A few weeks ago I was prayed over for healing at Threshold. First, we noticed that my left leg was shorter than the other and after several times praying over my legs, the left leg grew out! Next, was my spine. After seeing and feeling the Holy Spirit work through my legs I had even more faith and excitement for my spine to actually be healed.

A few people prayed over my back through the laying on of hands. Although there was no noticeable change as we were standing there, I had no doubt that I would receive healing soon. That same day as I was driving back to college, my entire back felt on fire, as if my car had heated seats. I knew this was the work of the Holy Spirit! When I got to my house, I was so amazed that my back felt completely different and my spine did not stick out.

I continually praise The Lord that my spine has been realigned and to this day my back is no longer sore, and does not bother me when I sit in class. I would tell people about this experience so nonchalantly, that the Holy Spirit healed my back, because I had no doubt, but when I really think of it, it is truly an amazing encounter with the Holy Spirit that my spine was actually moved to the way it is intended to be by The Lord!


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