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Prophetic Word: The Three Wells

Here is an update from pastor Jake:

This past Sunday I preached a message on Stewarding Prophetic Words. We believe that the Bible is God’s written Word to us, and the final authority for all Christian doctrine and practice. We also believe that the Holy Spirit speaks to us in various ways, including the gift of prophesy (see 1 Corinthians 12:10, 14:1-5).

While the Bible is general–applying to all believers at all time–prophecy is specific, applying to the individuals, churches, nations, etc to whom the word is given. When we receive a prophetic word, it is important to steward the word well through testing it, recording it, praying into it, and discerning how we are to apply it.

In my message this past Sunday, I shared a prophetic word that was given by Wayne Kaufman to Threshold Church during the pastoral transition celebration that took place on April 10, 2016. I want to share this word below.

Prophetic Word from Wayne Kaufman 

The memorial stones have been set, for you have crossed over those places, says the Lord. For I have heard your testimonies and I say to you, that your testimony has always been me. For your eyes were fixed upon me on the day it began and your eyes are fixed upon me, says the Lord, the day that it is.

For I have brought you to this new place, I’ve brought you into the land where all my promises are yea and amen. They’re yours for the asking, my children. For I’ve given to you all that you need to complete the race. The time is short and the time is now. Ask big and I will give bigger; ask large and I will give larger. Ask of me the nations and I will give you the nations. For they are mine and they will be from the nations that I will draw forth my Bride.

There are three wells I have set for you in my land. I’ve set a well of salvation. Preach my gospel, in season and out and you will see many, many, many come to faith. I set a well of truth before you, this day. For your eyes have been fixed upon me and your heart has been fixed upon me, so this day, I release revelation and truth in the midst of the congregation of my people. And from this moment forward, I release in a full flow, healing in your midst. For it is I that have gifted you, it is I who have called you, it is I, who you serve. And I declare to you, all things are possible. Do not shrink back, but press on for there is much to be done. And lo, I am with you even to the end of the age, I will not leave you.

Let’s “Possess the Land!”

I am greatly encouraged by this prophetic word! I believe that we are moving into a time where we need to “possess the land.” This means that there is action to take in order to see promises fulfilled. Things that we have dreamed of and hoped for will become reality. This will be a process, but I believe that the Holy Spirit is indicating that it is time to enter in to our “promised land.”

I believe that the “three wells” that were named in the prophetic word are significant. They indicate three areas that God is highlighting to us:

1. The Well of Salvation: Having God’s heart for the lost, interceding for souls to be saved, preaching the gospel, and a focus on evangelism and outreach.

2. The Well of Truth: Not deviating from the truth of God’s Word or being turned aside from it. Standing firm in truth and love, even when truth is uncomfortable or unpopular. Declaring the truth that sets people free.

3. The Well of Healing: Stepping into a greater release of healing and miracles; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

These things will not happen without our cooperation. Having a well does no good unless we go and intentionally draw water from it! Let’s press into these areas in both prayer and action. As we do, I believe that we will see the fulfillment of these words coming to pass in our midst.

Let’s go in and possess the land!

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