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How We are Moving Forward in this Season

The following is an update from Pastor Jake:

The past several weeks, we have been navigating the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis that is impacting the nation. We are continuing to take the posture of exercising wisdom, while not giving place to fear. And we are praying for our government officials, medical workers, and all those affected by the virus. In this uncertain season, we can trust God to guide us through and empower us to be light in the darkness.

How We are Moving Forward

As I have prayed and processed over the past few weeks, and as our elder team has sought the Lord and discerned His voice, we have landed on a plan on how we will move forward. I believe that God is giving us a proactive and intentional approach that will allow us to emerge from this current crisis stronger, more unified, and better equipped to fulfill the vision that was recently released for 2020 and beyond. We are seeing this season as an opportunity to reset, lay a fresh foundation, and prepare to reemerge. We cannot afford to continue with “business as usual” once this crisis is over.

We are calling this time an “upper room season.” The disciples were in the upper room for a while before the Holy Spirit was poured out and the church was launched (See Acts 1-2). This was a significant time that paved the way for the rest of what happened in the book of Acts. We believe that in this current time, we have an opportunity to pause, pray, and prepare for what God wants to do in Threshold Church as we move forward. This “upper room season” will unfold in phases and eventually lead to a more complete and public re-launch in the coming weeks.

In a recent update to our members, I shared more specific details about what this season will entail. While we have been able to more clearly communicate and connect with our members, it has been harder to know how best to reach those who attend Threshold occasionally or even regularly, but are not members. However, there are several options for anyone to connect and stay involved.

For Those who are Not Members And Want to Connect

For those who are not members of Threshold, but would like to stay connected, here are a few things to know:

  • If you have been a regular attender and/or done the Discover Group already, and would like to pursue membership at this time, you can email Helen Doolittle at helen@threshold-church.com for more information. There is certainly no pressure to join, but being a member will allow you to stay much more connected with what is going on through this time.
  • You can always connect to one of our virtual Life Groups or Prayer Gatherings. Check out this link for information: Virtual Meetings.
  • We will occasionally put posts and videos up on our public Facebook page that you can keep up with, and will continue to send a weekly newsletter by email with resources and updates.
  • If you need prayer or help in any way, reach out to helen@threshold-church.com or jeremy@threshold-church.com. We want to help and minister to you in any way we can.

May God’s peace and presence envelop you in a tangible way. Even though this is a time of shaking and uncertainty, I have no doubt that God will use it for His purposes!

God Bless,

Pastor Jake



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