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Church-wide Seven Day Fast Starting June 26th!

The following is an update from pastor Jake:

God is truly moving in our midst, and we want to continue to cooperate with Him to see His kingdom come and will be done in and through us!

A few weeks ago, the Lord impressed on my heart to call the church to a seven day fast. After discussion with the leadership team, we felt like the time was right. We will be starting this fast on Monday, June 26th and finishing it on Sunday, July 2nd.

Every day of the fast we will have a specific theme that we are fasting and praying for. We encourage everyone to commit to fast for one or more of the seven days, abstaining totally or partially from food that day. (For a basic teaching on what fasting is, and different types of fasts, check out this article: What is Fasting?)

Themes for the Seven Days

We want to see the Holy Spirit continue to be poured out, and that is the general theme of the fast. But each day we will focus on one specific area to pray for:

  1. Monday, June 26th: Outpouring of the Holy Spirit – We want to see the Holy Spirit poured out to the fullest in our church body and in this region.
  2. Tuesday, June 27th: Salvation of the Lost – We will be interceding for the lost to be saved and the prodigals to return home.
  3. Wednesday, June 28th: Healing and Deliverance – We will be praying for an increase in miraculous healings of all kinds of sickness, and an increased anointing for deliverance.
  4. Thursday, June 29th: Missions – We will be praying for Threshold missions teams that are preparing to be sent to the harvest and for missions and outreach in general.
  5. Friday, June 30th: Kids Ministry – We will be lifting up the kids of Threshold and praying for God’s hand to continue to be upon the Kids Ministry.
  6. Saturday, July 1st: Threshold Building – We will be praying for the sale of our office building downtown and for provision and direction for a future building to call home.
  7. Sunday, July 2nd: Possessing the Land – We will be praying for our church body to possess our spiritual “promised land” and that we would walk in all that God has called us to walk in.

*To sign up to fast for one or more of these days, email Laura Andrews at laura@threshold-church.com or sign up at the information table on Sunday morning.

Worship and Prayer Nights

There will be two worship and prayer nights happening during this time period. These will be powerful times to join together in unity and seek God with all of our hearts! Plan to make it out to these prayer gatherings:

Sunday, June 25th at 6:30 PM

Where: The Kail House
               159 Kenneth Dr
               Leola, PA 17540
               (Click here for map)

Friday, June 30th at 7:00 PM

Where: The Works’ House
               141 Broadstone Street
               Lancaster, PA 17603
              (Click here for map)

*For both of these gatherings, kids of all ages are welcome to attend. But please note that there will not be separate childcare.

I am looking forward to seeing how the Lord will continue to lead us and move among us. Let’s continue to seek God for everything that He wants to do in our lives and church body!




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