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Vision for 2020 and Beyond

The following is an update from Pastor Jake:

This past Sunday I shared a message about vision for 2020 and beyond. As a church family, we have just come out of a time of prayer and fasting, and God is moving and bringing things together in a new way. There is more unity and clarity of vision and direction than ever before. It is exciting to see!

Below is an outline of the vision for Threshold Church for 2020 and beyond. You can click here to listen to the message I shared on this vision to get a fuller picture of who we are and where we are going as a church.

Vision for 2020 and Beyond: Outline

Threshold Values: We will continue to build these values into the life of our church:

  • The Presence of God
  • The Kingdom of God
  • The Love of God
  • The Word of God
  • The Mission of God

Vision: Apostolic Hub

Acts 5:12-16; Acts 13:1-3

The vision is to build an apostolic hub that includes a local congregation. Some distinctives include:

  • God-focused and revival-minded
  • Holy Spirit filled and led
  • Regional in influence and focus
  • Input from all of the five-fold ministry gifts

Primary Areas of Focus

  1. House of Prayer (Matthew 21:13): We believe that the first call of the church is to be a house of prayer. We will continue to build a thriving prayer life in the church, so that God will dwell among us and move through us.
    • We will have a prayer gathering every day of the week
  1. Center for Healing and Restoration (Isaiah 61:1-4): A regional hub for deliverance and various types healing (physical, emotional, etc.) There will be a special emphasis on:
    • Deliverance from demonic influence
    • Standing with and ministering to victims of different types of abuse
  1. Base for Equipping (Ephesians 4:11-12): A center for equipping in spiritual growth, practical life, supernatural ministry, leadership, relationships, and other topics. This includes:
    • Hosting events and conferences
    • Producing equipping resources
    • Discipleship process, leadership training, ministry school
  1. Place of Sending (Matthew 28:18-20): We will not only equip, but also send:
    • Sending people into the various spheres of society to advance the kingdom of God
    • Sending people for evangelism, missions, church-planting, ministries, etc.

Some Next Steps

This vision will take shape and develop over the next several years. Some immediate next steps are:

  • Vision casting and messages related to this vision on Sunday mornings
  • Establishing more prayer gatherings and continuing to build the house of prayer

Possible steps for further on this year:

  • Starting a discipleship process
  • Hosting a regional conference
  • Doing more equipping events

We will also continue to grow our pastoral ministry, community, and ability to care for people:

  • Life Groups
  • Pastoral team

Listen to the Message

*Click to listen to the sermon that expounds on this vision: Vision for 2020 and Beyond




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