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Some Encouragement for Your Prayer Life

The following is a word of encouragement from our Prayer Ministry Director, Paul Broomell:

The two words I would use to describe prayer are confidence and relationship. Confidence to enter His presence because of what He did for us on the cross. And relationship because He is alive, desires to have a relationship with us first, and lives inside of us.

As we gather in prayer at Threshold, we are intentional to gather around Jesus. We let the Holy Spirit reveal aspects of His nature that we have not known before. There is something about gathering together corporately and receiving from the Father that cannot be done in private. As we allow the Lord to come in and author faith in our hearts, He perfects that faith in us together. As we are unified in faith, we begin to corporately encounter the Lord together. At that place of encountering the Lord, we receive liberty in the areas that God is highlighting.

The Presence of Jesus

The presence of Jesus is our purpose of gathering. His presence is not a gift for those who have been made perfect, but a gift to perfect us! In His presence is where the revelation of who He is comes. In His presence He is saying, “come to me!” As we come and adore Him, this creates openness to our souls to let Him in. Adoration will produce a new perception of Him and remove us from our own will and way. Adoration in His presence will lead us to rest in Him, and from that place of rest we go out of the prayer room with Him and lead other people to Him.

Let us surrender everything to Him and never cease to enter more into Him. There is always more to be discovered about Him.

Prayer is simply looking at God and God looking at me. The eyes of our soul looking out to meet the eyes of the One looking in; this is where heaven meets earth!



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