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Prophetic Word: “Higher, Closer”

The following is a prophetic word from Jere Mellinger:

While praying with a small group in August of 2015, a picture just popped into my head. It was a picture that I had taken of a father and his two children in the Dominican Republic sitting up on their rooftop in order to get a better view of the presentation in the street.

I sensed God saying to us as a group “I’m lifting you up higher and closer to me so you can see more and understand more about who I am and how I work. Many times events viewed by themselves can seem confusing and disheartening yet when they are seen in their proper perspective they reflect my goodness, mercy, and unfailing love perfectly”.

I thought to myself that this would be like the death of Jesus. By itself it appeared bad but in the true context, it was actually immeasurably good. The whole purpose of that horrible death Jesus died was to create a way for His Father to get back into intimate relationship with His beloved children.

God then impressed on me that this higher, closer place with Him would give us the patience to persevere in the hard times coming and to help others around us persevere as well. We all know how hard it is to continue to move forward through times which appear bad without the vision or perspective from the heart of the One who causes all things, even “bad” things to work together for our own good.

He impressed on me that a season that would bring “hopelessness” was approaching and many would disengage, draw back, and drift away. The motives which had driven these individuals would not keep holding them fast in the season of trying and testing.

Conversely, the understanding that comes from closeness and intimacy with God will show us that this is actually the “ultimate” time to give ourselves fully to God’s desires and be able to participate in the season of utter fruitfulness, fulfillment, and harvest that lies within the “bad” times.  Just as Jesus overcame because of his intimate relationship with His Father, likewise that same place of relationship is now ours to allow us to overcome as well, as we focus on the desires of our Father and not of our flesh.



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