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Gifts of Love

A Two – Week Challenge

Hi Threshold kids and families!

If you are looking for some creative ways to engage with others during this time and encourage giving, join in for the Gifts of Love Challenge for the next two weeks, April 19th – May 2nd! When we think of others and reach out to share God’s love by giving of our time and talents, it can also bring us a lot of joy as we are created to be loved and to love! A simple gift of a card or drawing can be meaningful to others especially during this time of the coronavirus pandemic when we are all in our homes.

Follow the outline below for some specific people to give a gift of love to over the next two weeks. Each week, choose one person to bless from each of the two lists. See below for some creative gifts of love ideas!

Week 1 (April 19th -25th): Church Family Focus

1: A Threshold kid. Ask God to highlight or bring a kid at Threshold to your mind that He wants to use you to share His love! It could be someone in your class, but it doesn’t have to be!

2: A Threshold adult. Ask God to highlight or bring a kid at Threshold to your mind that He wants to use you to share His love! This could be a Staff member or Elder, a kids ministry teacher, or another adult you know at Threshold!  

Reach out to Helen at helen@threshold-church.com for any contact information needed.

Week 2 (April 26th – May 1st): Outside Community Focus

1: Local Community. Ask God to highlight someone outside of church that He wants to care for! This could be a neighbor, a school mate, a family member that doesn’t know God, etc.  

2: Global Community – Abba’s House. We would love to let the kids in Kenya at Abba’s House Orphanage know that we are continuing to think about and pray for them and the country of Kenya! Kenya is also experiencing effects of the coronavirus and Abba’s House is in a 21 day stay at home order. We are going to compile a short video to send over to them, and we would love your help! Email Helen at helen@threshold-church.com a video that is 30 second or less. In the video, be sure to include your name, and then include any of the following ideas: simply say hello and share you are thinking about them; video a prayer for them; ask God for an encouraging word or picture for them and record it; show a picture you drew for them, etc. The deadline to receive the videos is Saturday, May 1st.

Some gifts of love ideas:

  • Write a note of thanks or encouragement
  • Draw a picture and ask God for a word of encouragement for the person
  • Write a story
  • Video a dance and send it with an encouraging word
  • Record a prayer and send it
  • Bake something and drop it off to them
  • Draw a picture with chalk and take a picture and send it with a note
  • Build something out of Legos, take a picture of it, and print it out to make a card

Or, let kids come up with their own ideas! Just remember to keep it fun! Giving is not about getting something in return, it is about getting to be a blessing to someone else. Have fun showering others with simple gifts of love. Feel free to share any testimonies or ideas along the way to encourage or inspire others!


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