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Join In on Our Church-wide Continual Fast!

As we continue to walk through this year, prayer and fasting is of paramount importance. Our first calling as a church is to be a house of prayer (see Matthew 21:13). We have prayer gatherings happening every day of the week and encourage you to join in with other believers for times of worship and intercession. (See our list of prayer gatherings here).

Church-wide Continual Fast

We also invite you to participate in our church-wide continual fast. The goal is to have at least one person fasting each day, on a continuous basis. You can sign up at the link below, and fast however you feel led to fast that day.

Fasting is a spiritual discipline that is seen throughout Scripture, and Jesus both practiced it and taught about it. When we fast, we are humbling ourselves before God in dependence on Him, drawing near to Him, and overcoming the flesh. But we are also doing battle against the devil. Fasting impacts the spiritual realm and can bring great breakthroughs in spiritual warfare and intercession.

During these next few months, the focus of our fast is to see God’s kingdom come in our region and nation. Join in by clicking the link below!

Sign Up to Participate

You can sign up for one or multiple days. On the day(s) you sign up for, fast how you sense the Lord leading. Click below to sign up:

Fasting Resources

*For more information about fasting and its purposes, check out these resources:

Articles by Pastor Jake: What is Fasting? and 4 Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

Sermon by Pastor Jake: Fasting for Breakthrough




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