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End Times Refocused – Upcoming Class on the Book of Revelation!

Starting on Sunday, July 18th we will be having a pre-service class called End Times Refocused. This class will be taught by Joe Smucker, and the focus will be walking through the book of Revelation.

There are various opinions and beliefs about the “end times,” and many believers avoid the book of Revelation altogether, thinking it is too daunting or confusing. But this is an important subject and one that is meant to reveal Jesus to us in a greater way!


Class: End Times Refocused

Teacher: Joe Smucker

When: Sundays at 3:00 PM, starting on July 18th

*The class will run for six weeks, and August 15th will be skipped

Where: At the church building multi-purpose room

*For more information or to sign up, email Joe Smucker at: sjsmucker@gmail.com




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